20 Nov 2019
UIMP Valencia

PANEL 2: Elections


Adolfo Carratalá (University of Valencia)

Miguel Vicente (University of Valladolid)


1. Àlvar Peris (University of València) “European elections and political talk show: a comparative study between the Spanish and Italian cases”

2. Anastasia Grusha (Lomonossov Moscow State University) “Russian media on EU Parliamentary Elections-2019”

3. Régis Dandoy (Ghent University) “Patterns of split-ticket voting in the 2019 European elections”

4. Euripides Antoniades (Cyprus University of Technology) “The European elections 2019 in Greek – Cypriot print media. The positions of the newspapers Alithia and Xaravgi in May 2019”

5. Igor Vranic (University of Zagreb) “Representation of 2019 elections for European parliament in Croatian traditional media”

6. Tatiana Mukhortikova (Universitat de Valencia) “European Parliament Elections 2019 in Spanish, British and Russian Daily Newspapers”

7. Rūta Kazlauskaitė (University of Helsinki) “Shame and Pride in Polish Right-Wing Media Coverage of the 2019 European Parliament Elections”

8. Adrián Caballero Escusol (Universitat de Vic) “Definition of electoral success and practical application in elections to the European Parliament”

9. Anastasia Ioana Pop (Universitat de Valencia) “The 2019 European Elections in Romania. How Media cover the European Campaign Subjects”