21 Nov 2019
UIMP Valencia

Panel 3: Social networks


María Díez Garrido (University of Valladolid)

Agnese Sampietro (Jaume I University of Castellón)


1. Marton Bene (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) “Ad(d)s to the success. Investigating the patterns and effects of parties’ advertisement activities on Facebook during the European Parliament elections campaign of 2019”

2. Mārtiņš Pričins (University of Latvia) “When social media don’t determine all: the topics and narratives of Latvian political parties on Facebook during the European Parliament elections campaign”

3. Rubén Rivas-de-Roca (University of Sevilla) “Thematic agenda on Twitter in the 2019 European Parliament elections: a comparative study between “Spitzenkandidaten” and national candidates”

4. Lidia Valera-Ordaz (University of Valencia) “Overcoming the democratic deficit? A Comparative Study of the Everyday Facebook Practices of Danish and Spanish Members of the European Parliament”

5. Guillemo López-García (University of Valencia) “Europe and Euroscepticism on Twitter: analysis of Twitter accounts of spanish candidates for European Parliament during 2019 elections”

6. Blanca Nicasio (Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU) “Using Social Media to motivate anti-migration sentiments. Political Implications in the United States”

7. Javier Pérez Sánchez (Universidad Europea de Madrid) “Communicative strategies of the election advertising videos on Youtube of the 6 most voted parties in the 2019 European Elections in Spain”