Joaquín Martín Cubas

Joaquín Martín Cubas



Joaquín Martín Cubas is Professor of Political Science and Administration at the University of Valencia. He has also been a lecturer at Universitat Jaume I, UNED and Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera.

Doctor and Graduate in Law and Political Science. He has furthered his studies at the Centre for Constitutional Studies in Madrid and has carried out research stays at the European University Institute in Florence, at King’s College of the University of London, at the University of Virginia, at the University of Marrakesh, at the University of Bologna and at New York University (CUNY).

He has been Program Director in the Cabinet of the Minister of Education and Science, Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary General of the PSPV-PSOE and in the University has held various positions of responsibility, including: Technical Director of Departments, Secretary of Department or President of the Electoral Board of the Faculty of Law, responsibility he currently holds.

Director of the Master’s Degree in Civil Protection for Railway Workers at the University of Valencia and ADIF, the Diploma in Self-Protection Plan Development and the Seminars on Policy 2.0 in the Faculty of Law at the same University. Researcher at the Inter-University Institute of Local Development and professor of the Master in Management and Promotion of Local Development at the University of Valencia.

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