Agnese Sampietro

Agnese Sampietro


Agnese Sampietro holds a PhD in Linguistics and works as postdoctoral research assistant in the Department of the Theory of Language and Communication Sciences at the University of Valencia. Her PhD thesis Emoticonos y emojis. Análisis de su historia, difusión y uso en la comunicación digital actual (Emoticons and Emojis: an Analysis of Their History, Spread and Use in Modern Digital Communication) was the first systematic study on the emoticons phenomenon published in Spanish. Her thesis earned the rank of Excellent Cum Laude and won her international renown. She has conducted research abroad and published articles in international journals. Before joining the Department of the Theory of Language and Communication Sciences, Agnese received a predoctoral VAL R&D grant and worked as editor and journalist at the publishing house Ruzafa Show, as research technician at the Polibienestar Research Institute and as professor of Italian.

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