María Luisa Humanes

María Luisa Humanes


María Luisa Humanes currently works at the Departamento de Comunicación y Sociología, King Juan Carlos University. María does research in Communication and Media and Quantitative Social Research. Her current project is ‘Journalistic Role Performance Around the Globe’

Since 2002 she has been a University Professor in the area of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and has been recognized by the CNEAI (1997-2009) for two six-year periods of research.

She has been Director of the Department of Communication Sciences II of the Rey Juan Carlos University and has formed part of the Delegate Commission of the Faculty of Communication Sciences for the reform of Communication degrees within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. Member of the Scientific Policy Committee of AE-IC.

Her lines of research are: Theories and research methods applied to communication, professionalization and professional cultures in journalism and analysis of journalistic discourse.

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