The Conference

The European elections of 23-26 May 2019 take place in a scenario of particular uncertainty. The rise of populist movements of different ideologies, often linked to Eurosceptic positions, combines with a critical situation in the European Union and an institutional crisis deriving essentially from the consequences of Brexit, United Kingdom’s exit scheduled for on or before 1 November of this year. But there is also an underlying economic and political crisis, in a world where European influence is declining.

This congress aims to analyse the European Parliament Elections from different perspectives, which can be summarised in the following topics:

  • New populist and traditional parties in the elections to the European Parliament.
  • Neoliberalism and the crisis of representative democracy
  • The role of social networks in elections. Fragmentation of the electorate and polarisation
  • The election campaign theme. What do candidates talk about and what do the media focus on? Is there a unite European campaign or several national campaigns?
  • The impact of Brexit on the European election campaign. European perspectives from the United Kingdom, and image and references about the United Kingdom in the European Union
  • Comparative electoral studies between different countries
  • Europeans vs. the European Union. European Elections and Euroscepticism
  • Diachronic studies. Evolution of the European Parliament Elections
  • The European Union from the outside. Follow-up of the campaign from non-EU countries
  • “New” and “old” media in the election campaign
  • Fake news and disinformation
  • Citizen Mobilisation and Political Activism in the European Parliament Elections
  • Stateless Nations and European Elections: Nationalist Movements to the EU


The €85 registration fee includes access to all sessions, coffee breaks and conference materials.

Further information

For further information, please visit the Mediaflows congress web page or contact the Organising Committee by email:

  • Germán Llorca Abad & Guillermo López García (Directors).,
  • Vicente Fenoll & Marina Requena (Secretaries).,


UIMP - Valencia

Plaza del Carmen, 4, 46003, Valencia
96 310 80

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